About the project

This is a small scale cooperation project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

The 18-month development process was born out of the common interest and organizational needs of the three members, all active in adult education. Beyond the learners’ scope, the other common ground was the many years of experience in outdoor education, experiential learning and adventure programmes. The Hungarian Shinbukan Association, Outward Bound Romania and the Association of Hungarian Scouts in Romania identified a common need for a systematic and high level wilderness first aid training for trainers and instructors, and the goal of having a shared documentation system aka incident log.

For the development of staff and trainers, the NOLS protocol was chosen by mutual agreement. On the one hand, because it is a very flexible training system, based on experiential learning, similar to the partnership organizations, and is very practice-oriented, and on the other hand, because NOLS provides a globally recognised certificate that can greatly enhance the labor market opportunities of our staff, while also strengthening the professional networking potential of the organizations in Western Europe.

We expected the cooperation to enable our trainers to organize more exciting, higher risk and more effective outdoor programmes, to integrate wilderness first aid training into the organization’s operations and to create an incident log – an online platform where organizations can collect, log and analyze incidents identified during their programmes, based on a common criteria.

We implemented 2 high level wilderness first aid training, with almost 50 participants and released a best-practice tool for incident documentation.

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